Meet Rye (They/Them) a total dynamo of energy and light. Rye is a Non Binary (Meaning they do not identify with any gender) multi published photographer and videographer. While we shot I got to learn more about Rye (Pronounced like the bread) and how they are in poly amours (having more then one romantic partner) as well as their love of the photographic arts.

I met up with Rye and their partner Monty on a sunny day in New Brunswick, New Jersey to get some portraits, which ended up being some of my favorite images from this year so far. We started with them in front of the camera, but quickly moved into me behind it shooting them as they explored the streets around us and had fun with their friends who came along for the ride.

We talked about how they feel about being non binary which is really important for people like me who don't know much about these things to understand that it's real and normal for someone to not identify with either gender! I asked if there was anything else that they wanted me to know about them or if there was something special about them that I didn't know yet? Their answer: "I can am a total momma bear.

When meeting Rye and discussing the vision for this shoot we discussed how often due to their natural look they are put in very feminine poses and brought to woods to do fairy shoots. So we set out to change that. We wanted to change what they had been put into and decided on a look that would rock their more masculine side. A look they truly pulled off with great ease as one can see from these photos. We shoot in various locations through out New, Brunswick NJ walking and laughing the whole way through.

We started off with Rye in some classic clothes which he wore well with his amazing smile and style, then we changed into our second location where he was able to really show his comfortability with himself as well as his playful side. He was able to keep me laughing the entire time! The last location was my favorite because of how much fun we had there and how comfortable Rye was being himself no matter what happened or what others around him were doing (which is a huge plus for me).

Rye is a very talented and professional photographer. They are able to capture a wide range of emotions and expressions.

Rye has owned a successful production company for the last several years and when they are not working on their latest company works you may find them playing Magic or Dungeons and Dragons.

We truly had a great time working with Rye and can't wait to work with them again the future.

LGBT member putting up their hand in a No photos pose
Enby sitting on stairs looking off to the right
LGBT+ Member putting hand up in a no photos pose
Person leaning back against the rails hand behind their head