If you're engaged, you and your fiancé are probably already planning for the wedding. You've found a venue, picked out a dress and sent out invitations, but there's one thing many couples don't think about—engagement photos! Engagement photography is often overlooked because it's not as "essential" as some other wedding details. However, there are plenty of reasons why engagement photography should be at the top of your to-do list after getting engaged. Here are six reasons why you should book an engagement photoshoot before saying "I do":

6 Reasons Why Engagement Photography is a Great Option for You and Your Future Spouse

Engagement photography is a great option for you and your future spouse. It's affordable, it allows you to capture the start of your relationship, and it's a great way to get ready for your wedding day.

Engagement photos are also a fun way to set the tone for your upcoming wedding. You can use them as decor at the ceremony or use them in other ways as well. They're an excellent starting point for creating unique wedding images that will last forever!

1. Budget-Friendly

As a couple, you want to get married. You've been planning for it for years and now that you've found the right person, you want to make sure your wedding goes smoothly. For many couples, this means taking on debt and spending lots of money on things like photography. Fortunately, engagement photography is an affordable option that doesn't require a lot of time or space—but it does require professional photographers who know what they're doing!

Engagement photography can be done in short amounts of time because there aren't many people involved (usually just the two of you). It's also easy to do in small spaces since most engagements take place outdoors anyway! Do keep in mind though that sometimes weather may be an issue so make sure there's no rain expected during your session date before booking any appointments with your photographer so they can plan accordingly if needed...

2. Timing

Engagement photography is a great way to save money and time. If you are planning a wedding, it may be tempting to take advantage of any opportunity to save money by foregoing engagement photos. However, think about how much more expensive that would be in the long run! Not only will you have spent less on the initial investment of your engagement session, but you'll also have saved yourself some headaches later when it comes time for your wedding day photos.

Engagement photography is also a great way to get familiar with your photographer before the big day rolls around. Having worked with each other during an engagement session means that there won't be any awkwardness or uncertainty when it comes time for their work as part of your wedding day team (and trust me—those things happen!).

3. Movie-Inspired Photoshoot

Engagement photography is a great way to capture the movie-like feel of your wedding day. It's also a great way to be creative and have fun with your engagement session, which can be hard when you're trying to plan your wedding! The best part about engagement photography is that it allows you to choose a location that is meaningful to you and/or your partner. You could go somewhere where either one of you met, or even just somewhere dreamy that inspires both of you.

You can also use props or themes if this style appeals more than traditional photos do—for example, if one of you loves animals and wants pictures with some puppies in them! The possibilities are endless!

4. Dress Code Options

One of the best things about engagement photography is that you can choose a dress code that is different from your wedding day. You can also choose a dress code that’s the same as your wedding day, but it might be more casual than what you want to wear on your big day. This way, if you like how it looks in pictures, then it will look great when you wear it again on your wedding day!

5. Outfit Choices

Choosing an outfit that suits the theme of your engagement photo shoot is important. You want something that will help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, but also make you look great as a couple. It’s always a good idea to coordinate with your partner because it’s all about how well you two work together!

For example, if it’s wintertime and snowing outside, try dressing up in something warm yet stylish like thick sweaters or fur-lined jackets (and maybe even some Ugg boots). If it’s summertime, opt for sundresses and overalls instead—and don't forget about accessories like hats or scarves that can add color to an otherwise plain ensemble.

6. Save the Date Cards Ready

As you're looking for a place to take your engagement photos, consider booking your save the date cards with them as well. Whether they offer it or not, having one place with all of your wedding details is extremely convenient. If you have a different vendor for photography, you might want to consider asking them if they can design save the date cards for you.

If an engagement session isn't in your budget right now, there are other ways to get started on planning for your wedding:

  • Create a Pinterest Collection of ideas that inspire you
  • Watch videos about DIY weddings (We love these ones!)
  • Research local vendors

Engagement photography is a great way to capture the beginning of your marriage and the love you share. It can be challenging to find a photographer who understands what you are looking for, but we hope our tips have helped clarify some of the things you should consider before hiring someone. We recommend that you do your research and look at portfolios from each photographer before deciding which one will best suit your needs!

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