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Spooky Winter Wonderland

📸👻 Get ready for a spook-tacular winter wonderland photoshoot in South River, NJ! 🌨️ Join us on November 26 for an unforgettable experience with models Inna & Haley Valentine.

🎟️ Tickets are only $55 per person! But here's the deal: space is seriously limited, so don't wait! Book your spot today.

📌 Date: November 26

📍 Location: South River, NJ

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Im new model/photographer can I come to your event?

Yes of course! We are a Community over Competition Group and stand by the ideas of being a group that helps raise each other up

How do your events work?

We have a group of photographers and models come. Everyone is briefed and introduced before you are allowed into the space. To which at that point, the models will go off generally and find a spot they like and will begin posing. The photographers all find various models and start photographing as everyone becomes more comfortable. Photographers and models may pair off a bit. But no one has to pair off, and everyone can work with everyone.

I went to book for your event on your site and there are these time slots? How does it work?

The slots show are only to give an accurate head count for the event. Say we have only 10 spots are open we will have 10 spots with timing on the website.

Im not comfortable with Boudior modeling can i still attend your event?

Yes! Unless the event specifically says Boudior shoot. One does not need to model for the spicy side. Come have fun dressed as you'd like within theme!

Do models and photographers have to pay to join?

The short answer is yes all our events are paid to join. No matter if you are a model or a photographer. Cost goes towards event space, props, etc.

Do you announce a model list before hand?

Short answer is no. You will be added to a group chat with the other members of the event but no formal model list will be aNNOUNCED unless it specifically says so

Photographs from past events


Photos are credited to Glittering Moonlight Photography

Half way to Hell-O-Ween

Photos are credited to Soda Pop, Alfred Burger, Glittering Moonlight Photography