Cosplay Photographer

Hi! I'm Hope, a cosplay photographer based out of New Jersey. I've been photographing cosplayers for over five years now, and it's been my passion since day one.

I specialize in creating beautiful photos that showcase your favorite characters in an artistic way. My clients range from professional cosplayers to first-timers, and I love working with everyone who comes to me seeking cosplay photography.

I'm willing to travel worldwide for cosplay sessions—so if you're looking for a photographer who can make your vision come to life, please reach out!

Miss us at a Con near you? Here are some of the ones we go to: MegaCon Orlando, NYCC, Horror Con NJ, Monster Mania, ColossalCon, and Chill Theater.

Hope is such a sweetheart! She is easy to work with, and has a great personality. She has connected with my clients in such a way that they have felt comfortable and at ease. Hope’s photographs are stunning, and she has the ability to capture the essence of her subject in a single frame. Hope is a pleasure to work with, I can't wait for my next opportunity to utilize her services again!

- Zak.

What is Our Cosplay Photography Process?

1. Fill out a contact form.

2. Schedule a free consultation.

3. We talk about what specific shots you want to see.

4. We then discuss where you would like to shoot.

5. We photograph your Cosplay session.

6. You receive some samples shortly after your cosplay session.

7. You receive finals 4-6 weeks after the cosplay session.

We Won't Leave You Hanging

Thank you for your interest in our cosplay photography! We are so pleased that you have chosen us as the studio of your choice. We understand that making this decision can be difficult and we appreciate the time and effort you put into choosing the right photography studio.

If you would like to book an appointment, please use our booking link here and we will get back to you ASAP. If you'd rather see if we're available before filling out the form, feel free to DM us on Instagram or send us an email at We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule, no matter what! Please note I am based in New Jersey.

Go Go Go!

Starting at $300

- 1 hour of Photography Coverage

- Two Cosplays

- One Location

- Online Gallery of Photos

- 10 Guaranteed photos

- Unlimited phone/email communication upon booking

Taxes, travel, and lodging fees not included.

Ready? Set?

Starting at $150

- 30 minutes of Photography Coverage

- One Cosplay

- One Location

- Online Gallery of Photos

- 5 Guaranteed photos

- Unlimited phone/email communication upon booking

Taxes, travel, and lodging fees not included

Let Us Shoot Your New Jersey Cosplay Session!

Ready to Book?

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*Sales tax is added to all goods and services.
5% off for Military, Teachers, and First Responders

In order to book a 50% non-refundable deposit and signed contract are needed in order to secure your date.
Cosplay Photograph of Spiderman in the middle of the streets
Cosplay of Sith from StarWars
Person dressed with an upside down cross pushing a card towards you with an open book
Michael Myers pinning supergirl to the floor with a knife held up
Death peaking out from behind a tree looking at life around it
A witch in the woods a crystal ball in hand and smoke before her. She is casting a spell
Horror Cosplay
Genderbent Cosplay as Thor from Marvel
Woman leaning on a headstone blood tears falling down her face Cosplay photograph
Mortica and friend morning the loss in the coffin.
Clown standing at a deadend with headlights facing the viewer a sign in his hand reading circus
Two people cosplaying as Demon Slayer Hashibira Inosuke Pig Head
Creepy Doll caught in the light and holding her creepy doll close to her face.
Bimbo Art the Clown Cosplay
Deadpool Cosplay
Rapuzel and Flynn standing in front of the castle
Persephone at the edge of the river stix cosplay photoshoot

Glittering Moonlight is a cosplay photographer based out of Edison, New Jersey serving Asbury, New Jersey to Center City, Philadelphia and beyond

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