If you're like me, you spend a lot of time on Instagram looking at beautiful photos and wishing that you could find a way to get those same kinds of images. For some people, this is as simple as taking their own picture with an iPhone or even just using the automatic setting. For others though (like me), getting professional quality photos means hiring a photographer and paying for studio space or outdoor locations. If this is something that interests you but also makes you nervous about how much it costs or what to expect during your photoshoot... let's just say it doesn't have to be complicated! I've compiled some helpful tips below based on my experience with professional photography shoots over the last 7 years:

Make sure you are getting the most out of your photoshoot.

You should make sure you are getting the most out of your photoshoot. There are many benefits to a photoshoot, including:

  • Giving yourself time and space to think about how you want to present yourself. It’s easy to take photos on our phones because we always have them with us, but it’s rare that we pause for a moment and consider what message we are sending with those images.
  • Being able to share these photos with others in an authentic way (not filtered or edited). You get better at taking photos as you practice more often—and no filter can replicate this!
  • Feeling good about how your body looks because the photographer chose flattering angles, lighting and poses for you.

Getting a better idea of what you like and don’t like in photos. A great photographer will ask you questions about what kind of look or feel you want from your photos, but it’s still helpful to have some examples in mind when they do so. Feeling confident that people will see your best self when looking at your images.

A Photographer that gets you

It's important to find a photographer that gets you, and your vision for the shoot. To do this, it's best to spend some time talking with them over the phone or via Skype beforehand. You can also look at their website and ask for samples of their work. If you're still not sure if they're a good fit, ask your friends if they know anyone who shoots weddings/events/photography in general. If not, make sure to ask lots of questions about why they love photography (or whatever specialty they have). The more you talk with them, the better idea you'll have about whether or not this person is right for your big day!

You should also be confident in yourself as well - even though someone else will be shooting most of these photos (and probably doing an amazing job at it), remember that YOU are the one who has been planning these events from start-to-finish! There's nothing wrong with taking charge when needed - I'm sure your photographer would appreciate knowing how much input from YOU into how things should happen!

Location, Location, Location

You might be surprised to learn that the location of your photo shoot can have a bigger impact on your results than you think. Next time you're about to send out an email asking people where they want their pictures taken, pause for a minute and think about why you would choose one place over another.

There are two reasons why this is important: firstly, it will help ensure that everyone involved in the shoot has an equal amount of fun; secondly, it will show off who you really are as a person at heart (and not just what you look like). Here's how:

  • Location should be easy to get to. If possible, try to pick somewhere close by so everyone doesn't have too far of a drive after work or school. This way there won't be any excuses not getting there on time!
  • Location should be accessible for guests who may not have vehicles available themselves - meaning they'll need access via public transport or taxi services if necessary (in case someone can't make it).

What to wear

How you dress for your photoshoot is just as important as the actual shoot itself.

So, what to wear?

  • Wear something you feel comfortable in. Whether it's a favorite outfit or something new and exciting, make sure to pick out an item of clothing that makes you happy. You'll be much more at ease when posing for pictures, which will show in photos!
  • Make sure it flatters your body type (and remember: no one is perfect). If you're shorter than average or have muscular legs or arms, consider wearing a top with a cowl neckline or sleeves that hit at different points on each arm—these can help draw attention away from any areas where you might feel self-conscious about how they look on camera. At the same time, don't shy away from showing off those areas—they might actually be one of your best features!
  • Choose an outfit appropriate for where we're shooting so we don't run into problems later down the road...

Make it an experience

When you are planning a photoshoot, it’s important to think about what you want the end result to be. While the final result is what matters most, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun while creating it. This means making sure that your photographer gets you and that they understand where you want to go with your images. You also need to make sure that the location is right for what you are trying achieve—the right lighting and backdrop can make all the difference in how good or bad people look on camera (both in terms of makeup/hair and clothing).

So, should you or shouldn’t you? If you have any doubts, don’t let them stop you from taking the plunge. Photoshoots can be a great way to capture some amazing memories for a lifetime. Just remember to take your time and do your research so that everything goes smoothly!

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Thank you for reading!

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