Smile but without showing your teeth.

So you don’t like your teeth or something happened or just in general you don’t want to show your teeth in your photos! Well here are some tips I have for you to help you hide those pearly whites from the camera.

Tip 1: Practice in a mirror

Yes yes yes it sounds bonkers but in truth it is something that can really help you in the long run. It will help train you so you can smile on cue without showing your teeth. By simply sitting in front of a mirror and testing our the way you smile you can help train yourself in how to smile.

Tip 2: Don't open your mouth too wide.

When you open your mouth you tend to show teeth! To help limit that try some of these steps, Look up your favorite Celebrities and look at their smiles. Celebrities spend tons of time in front of the camera and not all want to show off their teeth. Using a mirror mimic what you see in those photos until you find one that fits you!

Tip 3: Take a deep breath and let it out then say Yeah.

You need to take a moment and just center yourself. It is okay. I know for me being in front of the camera can bring on a lot of anxiety. So I have to bring myself back down and with three deep breaths holding them in for three seconds and then out for three seconds. Then in my head saying yeah as I mouth it. Trust me if you try it you may find it works for you!

Tip 4: Use your eyes.

I don’t know if you have ever watched Tyra Banks Runway Show but if you have a while ago (I think Cycle 13? I’m not even sure) Tyra talks about this thing called SMIZING it is using your eyes to smile. I know it sounds bonkers but try this, think of your happiest and best moment (The moment you adopted your first pet or that time you got ice cream with a loved one). Really take a moment and think about that moment in front of a mirror. You see that gleam in your eyes? That is a SMIZE that is the special little hidden smile you can use.

Tip 5: The agape look:

First center yourself, remember three in and three out. Now close your lips about two-thirds of the way for an agape look. This may show your teeth a little bit BUT it should help define your cheekbones and show off a pretty smile.

Final Thoughts:

With a bit of practice and centering yourself you can really make your smile fit you. It may not happen in 30 seconds but it will come with a pinch of patients. The biggest thing I ask that you take away from this is to balance yourself and use your center. Remember you are stunning as you are and you don't need to show your teeth to show that amazing smile you have. Hope these tips helped!