Ready? Set? Shoot!

So you are looking to get started in photography but really don't know where to begin or even what questions to ask. Below are some tips and advise I can offer as someone who was also once new to photography and really didn't know where to begin or even what to do! All of these tips are simply an overview more detailed blog posts will be available soon.


I know it sounds crazy but honestly, Facebook marketplace, B&H Photo, Ebay and more are great places to get your first camera. You do not need the latest camera to get started. A basic camera like the Canon Rebel 6 or the Sony A7ii are great starts. Just make sure you can change out the lens. I personally would recommend if you are able to buy something called a full frame camera (I will be doing a post on this soon). This will allow you to stay a little more with the current tech but if you can't swing it right now don't worry! It is okay to upgrade later. You can't swallow an elephant whole now can you? So small bite sized steps will help you grow.

Learn Manual Mode:

No it is not easy, yes you will fail dozens of times trying to understand it but learning it makes you really have the best advantage of your camera. The best thing I can advise is looking at the charts (There are really dozens out there) and review them a little each day. It takes time but you will soon enough be able to figure these things out in no time!


There are two different types of photos one can take on a camera, a JPG which means you are really limited in your ability to edit in post and RAW. RAW allows you to fix little things and keeps you able to mess with things like color and lighting of the shot.

Tiktok is your best friend:

Now if you are anything like me you also have the attention span of a flea so watching long things even things you may be passionate about is not easy. So watch the short Tiktoks for Tips. I have found it is a great resource and honestly it is so much easier to just do it down to bite sized pieces.

Spend time playing with your camera:

I mean literally take shots of everything, your dog, the tree, some self portraits. Shoot EVERYTHING this allows you to practice and gives your content you can use for editing or even just for knowledge. It will help you simply become more comfortable with your camera and help you learn it so when you are ready to shoot you really know your camera.

Take time to learn:

I know it sounds like what is she even saying but in all seriousness. YouTube & Photographers on Tiktok are great resources for learning about shooting, editing, Photoshop and more. I have listed some below for you to look at! They are super helpful and are really just great to learn from!


Ask someone if you are trying to learn. There are many photographers that believe in the motto that there is plenty of room at the top. GR of GR Design and Photography is one of my personal mentors. I have been able to go to him about silly questions and things I am still trying to learn. But the only way you will learn is by asking.

Shadow a photographer.

I personally Shadow GR on shoots or even Model for several other photographers. This allows me to see what they do, learn from them. Ask the questions at the end. But overall I get to really see how things are done by others and learn from them.