If you're looking for a good scare, New Jersey is the place to come to. From spooky cemeteries and haunted houses to strange sightings, our state has no shortage of ghostly activity. Here are eight eerie places where you can hear the ghosts of New Jersey:

New Jersey is rich with stories of the paranormal

New Jersey is rich with stories of the paranormal and ghost sightings. Some of these stories are old, some recent. It's no wonder that New Jersey has inspired many books and movies about hauntings, like "The Conjuring" or the movie based on the book "The Bell Witch: An American Haunting."

In fact, New Jersey has so many haunted houses it could make your head spin! Let's take a look at some of them:

The Flying Tombstones of Lambertville

This is a story about tombstones that fly around in the cemetery. The story takes place in Lambertville and it was written by A.B. Crane in 1844.

It's about a man named James who was murdered by his wife, Nancy and her lover Bill on Christmas Eve, 1847. They buried him in the cemetery, but when they returned to his grave on Easter morning they found that someone had dug up his body and taken away all of its possessions except for one thing—his wedding ring which he had been wearing at the time of death! Later that day when they went back to see if everything was still there...well guess what? Everything was gone except for Mr. James himself who somehow managed to crawl out from under some brush where he had been buried alive! He also told them about how he heard voices talking about how people wanted revenge against him before blackness overcame him once again...so then he ran away as fast as possible only stopping long enough at an old abandoned cabin where he stayed until morning came around again; then off again until finally reaching home safely after fourteen days had passed since leaving his home town behind him due

The Curse of the Devil's Tree

This tree is supposedly the source of a curse that was cast upon it by a witch named Molly. She was upset that her daughter had been buried in unconsecrated ground and she wanted revenge on those who did not allow this to happen. Her spirit still resides here, and if you stay too long or take pictures, you will be cursed for life. Some people have even claimed to see her ghost roaming around in search of victims!

The Ghosts of Burlington County Prison

If your town is haunted, it's not just the buildings that are haunted. It's also the people—the ones who lived and worked there. And sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether or not a ghost story is true. Was that strange noise in the middle of the night just your imagination? Did you actually see a ghost? Or did you simply sleepwalk? In some cases, we can't be sure. But at least one thing is certain: if there are ghosts at all, they're likely here in New Jersey!

Here's one example: The Ghosts of Burlington County Prison! Built in 1831 and closed in 1965, this old jailhouse has been home to countless criminals over its century-and-a-half lifespan—including many infamous gangsters like Dutch Schultz and Bruno Hauptman (the man convicted of kidnapping Charles Lindbergh Jr.). Even today—more than 50 years after its last inmate was released—this historic landmark remains largely intact; it even features an exhibit highlighting its history as both a prison and tourist attraction today! And while many tourists come here for a glimpse into history (or perhaps just some good old fashioned fun), others come seeking something else entirely...

West Milford's Werewolf Legends

People of West Milford, beware! The werewolf is a common theme in New Jersey folklore. The first legend comes from 1787 when John Wescott was attacked by a “Wolf” with glowing red eyes. His escape was only possible because the creature didn’t run after him, but stood still and growled like a dog for several minutes until it went back into the woods. This is not an isolated incident: another man reported seeing a huge wolf-like animal on his property only days later when he looked out his window at night. The next decade saw similar reports peppered across Sussex County, including one where two men chased an enormous wolf through fields near Green Pond Park as it ran away from them as fast as they could go on foot. It disappeared into thick undergrowth before they could reach it — but then they heard cries of pain coming from behind some bushes nearby…and there was the body of a human being lying there with its throat torn out by something quite large! There were also many sightings of what people described as “werewomans” or “she-wolves” roaming around town at night looking for victims; these creatures were often said to be seen near ponds or lakes where fishermen would find bloodied clothing left behind after their friends had disappeared without explanation…

Bobby Leach and the Morristown Ghost

If you visit the Morristown Cemetery, you might see a ghost. Bobby Leach was an English daredevil who performed stunts for the circus. In 1894, he attempted to cross the roaring waters of Niagara Falls by riding in a barrel lined with sheets of rubber and tied to an airtight harness. He reached speeds of 60 miles per hour before crashing into rocks hard enough that his body was broken in more than 20 places and his lungs collapsed instantly.

Leach survived his injuries but died weeks later from pneumonia caused by inhaling water during his fall at Niagara Falls. Since then, there have been reports that Bobby Leach has haunted both Morristown Cemetery and other parts of New Jersey where he performed stunts during his career as a daredevil showman in America’s early days as a nation.

Jackson's Ghost Lake

Jackson's Ghost Lake is a lake in Jackson Township, New Jersey that has a reputation for being haunted. The legend goes that if you go into the woods and walk to the middle of the lake, you'll hear someone call your name. If you don't respond, they will push you into the water where an unseen force will pull you under and drown you! The history of Jackson's Ghost Lake starts with its namesake Tom Jackson who lived in the area during colonial times. There are conflicting stories about his death but one thing is clear: he was murdered by members of his family who were against his pacifist ways. His body was supposedly thrown into this lake after which he rose from the dead as a ghostly figure who would haunt those around him! When I visited this place myself (see below), I noticed how there were lots of pine trees surrounding it with only one path leading through them—this would make it easy for someone like him to ambush anyone coming along here at night (which could very well be why people are so scared!).

The Ghosts of Trenton's Roebling Machine Shop

The Roebling Machine Shop was built in 1854 by John A. Roebling, a German immigrant who was looking to make some money by manufacturing wire rope and cables. The building is the oldest still standing in Trenton, and it has been preserved as a National Historic Landmark and museum. But don't worry—if you're afraid of ghosts, they won't bother you here! It's also known as "The Ghost Factory," because people claim that they've seen ghostly figures there at night.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our creepy photo guide to New Jersey. The state is full of haunted history, and it seems that every town has its own spooky story. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these tales are sure to make your skin crawl. So if you’re looking for a scare this Halloween season or just want a fun way to spend an evening with friends, put on some music and read through our list again!

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