For any queer couple getting married, a gift that shows your support and love for them is important. These gifts can be specially-designed for queer couples getting married or simply reflect a spirit of queer inclusion that the happy couple will appreciate and remember. Here are some of my favorite wedding gift ideas:

A pair of matching gold wedding bands

  • A pair of matching gold wedding bands. When it comes to wedding rings, gold is one of the most popular materials. It's traditional and classic, and it symbolizes your commitment to each other. A good way to go about this is by getting a pair of matching wedding bands that symbolize your relationship in some way—like having a heart engraved on one side or choosing different colored metals for each ring.
  • Civil or religious ceremony? You can also decide whether you want to get married at all! While many couples opt for religious ceremonies, others prefer getting married in a civil service because they don't feel comfortable with a religious element being part of such an important event in their lives (i.e., saying "I do" before God). Regardless of which option you choose, if you do decide on being wed then I highly recommend asking friends and family members if they will be willing participants as well as presenters during the ceremony itself—and sending out save-the-dates early enough so everyone has plenty of time reserved off work/school before heading down south (or wherever) for what will surely become one unforgettable weekend filled with love & laughter among close friends who'd rather spend extra time together than anything else!

A vintage set of cake knives

A vintage set of cake knives is the perfect wedding gift for your Queer partner. They should be a matching pair, but it's fine if they're not identical. The most important thing is that they be gold or silver and engraved with some cute message—like "to cut through life together", “have a slice of happiness”, or just something simple like “forever yours".

A deliciously decadent honeymoon fund

If you're looking for a great gift that's sure to be used and appreciated, consider giving your partner some money to spend on their honeymoon. This way, they can travel wherever they want without worrying about how far their vacation funds will go. The amount of money you give is up to you—some people might prefer to give a smaller token amount on top of other gifts while others may choose to give an entire travel fund.

The best part? You'll know exactly where they're spending every dime! If you've got an adventurous spirit like me, it's hard not to envy someone who gets paid to travel around the world (or at least part of it).

A custom portrait painted by your favorite indie artist

A custom portrait painted by your favorite indie artist is the perfect gift for a wedding. The artist will paint a portrait of the two of you together, capturing the moment in a way that only they can. You'll have something beautiful to remember your day or just your love story, and it also makes an excellent keepsake! You can even ask them to paint your favorite place and/or pets if you're feeling adventurous.

An engraved photo frame for your wedding photo

A photo frame with an engraved message is a great wedding gift for your queer partner. They can use it to keep a special photo from their wedding day, or simply display it in their home to remember the day that you two became one in love. Either way, it's a meaningful gift that will remind them of how lucky they are to have you as their partner and friend.


  • Make a gift yourself. This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s still worth mentioning! If you want to give your partner something that they can use and enjoy in their everyday life, try making them a gift yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—you could knit a scarf or sew some napkins—just make sure it fits with their tastes and aesthetic.
  • Ask them what they want. Another option is to ask your partner what they would like as gifts for their wedding day. You might be surprised by the answer; many queer couples don’t feel pressure from family members (or anyone) to conform to traditional expectations of marriage—they are free to express themselves through their vows, decorations and overall aesthetic in ways that reflect their own individual personalities. Some queer couples even opt out of exchanging rings altogether! So when asking about ideas for presents on this occasion, tread lightly: it's best not judge someone else's choices just because they're different from yours personally."

Unique and Meaningful

You can give a gift that is meaningful to you. It’s important to think about the kind of gift your partner would like, but it’s also okay to give something that resonates with you and your relationship. You don't have to give a traditional wedding gift; there are many ways for partners in non-traditional partnerships to celebrate their love. Give them something unique and personal. Gifts can be practical and useful, sentimental or customized. No matter what kind of person they are, there's sure to be a present out there for them!

Whether you’re looking for a wedding gift that your queer partner will love, or just want to get some ideas for them, we hope our recommendations have been helpful. It can be daunting to find the perfect present when you don’t know what they want, but with so many options out there it shouldn’t be too hard!

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