The wedding photo is one of the most important decisions you'll make. It's what will be hanging on your wall, displayed in your home and shared with family and friends for years to come.

So it's important that you get it right! We've put together a list of things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.

Here are some tips for making sure yours is gorgeous no matter what Mother Nature throws at you:

Here are tips that will help make your wedding photos as beautiful and creative as possible

The best way to make your wedding photos stand out is to be unique. Think outside the box and don't be afraid of being different! If you want something bold, go for it! You don't have to stick with the standard black and white or traditional portrait shots either. It's also important that you enjoy yourself while taking photos, because people can tell if someone isn't having fun with them (even if they're not actually frowning).

1. Be unique

You can't be creative if you're doing things like taking photos in a park or doing a photo shoot in your house (unless it's a location that has sentimental value to you as a couple). Instead, try to find some place different and unique. Maybe your wedding is at an old opera house or an abandoned building. Maybe you're getting married at the beach on an island so small only 20 people live there. Perhaps you have an antique car that's been restored and would like to take some photos with it.

These are all great ideas!

You should also be creative with the attire—not just yours but also those of guests involved in any wedding photo shoots (like bridesmaids or groomsmen, for example). Get them involved! Have them wear something out of the ordinary: perhaps they could wear masks from another country; maybe they could dress up as pirates; maybe even have everyone wear animal costumes! The possibilities are endless with this one!

Another way that couples can get more creative involves their backgrounds--the locations where their pictures will be taken."

2. Have fun with it

If you're thinking of doing something wild and crazy, we say go for it! Be willing to make a fool of yourself, get down on the ground and roll around in fake snow, or try something new. If you've always wanted to play dress-up but never had an excuse, now is your chance! You're getting married—you can do whatever you want!

  • Play dress-up (or don't)
  • Wear an outfit that makes people ask questions
  • Get down on the ground and roll around in fake snow (but only if you know how)

3. Don't stress about the background people

As you plan your wedding, don't worry about background people. You and your guests are the focus of the photos. Your photographer should be able to handle any obstacles in the background and take care of them before they become a problem. For example, if there is a tall tree or building behind where you want to stand for pictures, they can ask someone to go inside and turn off all of the lights so it's dark in back of them and create a nice contrast between their bright white dress/suit with dark behind them.

If you want something special from your guests (like having them step into an empty swimming pool while holding champagne glasses), make sure that part is well rehearsed beforehand with everyone involved so nothing goes wrong when shooting begins! Also keep in mind that some things might not work out as planned due to time constraints or other factors beyond anyone's control like weather conditions when using drones/remote controlled cameras outside which may cause delays due to safety concerns regarding flying machines near crowds etc...

4. Show emotion and have fun!

The most important tip is to be yourself. The best way to make sure that your photos turn out well is to be natural and comfortable with the photographer. It's easy to get caught up in all the excitement of your wedding day, but remember: it's just another day! When photographing me, I want my clients to feel like they're hanging out with a friend or family member. When you're relaxed and comfortable, we'll have more fun together and that will show in our photos!

The next thing you should do is smile! You'll look so much prettier when you are smiling rather than having a “deer-in-headlights” look on your face (you know what I mean). Smiling also helps create stronger eye contact between subjects in photos—this creates an emotional bond between them which makes for great photos!

You should also laugh if something funny happens during our session; this will definitely add some memorable moments into our shoot that won't be forgotten anytime soon!

5. Ask for Ideas from your guests or find some on the Internet.

  • Search the internet for inspiration. There are plenty of wedding websites that offer lots of creative ideas, such as [this one].
  • Use a photo sharing app like Instagram to share your photos with your guests so they can join in on the fun and use the hashtag #myweddingday
  • And finally, ask friends or family members for ideas about what kinds of pictures might work best for you; Pinterest is also full of great ideas from other couples who've gotten married before!

Wedding photos are a once-in-a-lifetime memory. They will last forever and can be cherished for years to come. If you want to make sure your wedding photographs stand out from the crowd, why not try something different? The most important thing is to have fun with it. You’re getting married after all!

If you're interested in learning more about budget-friendly options for your wedding photography, please contact us today! We'd be happy to chat with you about our packages and discounts.

Thank you for reading!

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