Meet Caroline and Meghann the winner of our Instagram Giveaway! Caroline spotted Meghann at a pride event, years after their first meeting, and messaged her on Facebook. The two have been together for almost 12 years and married for 3 years.

The two have been together for almost 12 years, married for 3 years. Caroline won our Instagram giveaway in March, so we had the opportunity to do their session back in April. These two are absolutely amazing!

They were so cute together and made my job super easy! I love how comfortable they were with each other, it was like they didn't even notice me there taking pictures of them running around in the snow like little kids.

I had a blast being able to capture such an intimate moment between these two love birds who clearly adore each other. Caroline is a fan of social media and won Meghann a couples session from us as a giveaway on Instagram!

Wife sitting behind their wife and they are both laughing

We were so excited to meet two people who were so madly in love after all these years. On a beautiful Sunday morning, we had the privilege of meeting Caroline and Meghann for their couples session. Now, these two are a blast. They have such a fun sense of style and an awesome sense of humor—and it shows throughout their session.

You can tell that not only do these two love each other but also look forward to spending time together laughing, loving and creating memories that will last a lifetime! We hope you enjoy these photographs as much as we enjoyed taking them!

We also love that they both have such a fun sense of style and an awesome sense of humor. Their session was a blast and we got to enjoy some delicious coffee together afterwards. It was such an honor getting to know them better as people; we will definitely cross paths again in the future!

Lesbian Couple caught in a moment kissing in the bamboo forest

It was a real pleasure to spend time with Caroline and Meghann. The two of them are so fun and easygoing, as well as clearly very much in love.

After spending some time together, we could tell that they have a deep connection that can only come from years of building a life together. We loved being able to capture the magic between them through our photos!

Lesbian Couple sharing an intimate moment with each other nose to nose

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