Meet Candace & Star the amazing couple that started with my journey with Fungirlwithacamera Photography.

"I met my wife in college," said Candace. "We were suitmates."

"We had to learn how to deal with our conservative families accepting us," she added. "They're very accepting now, but it took time."

Candace and her wife were married two years ago.

They met in Collage, and had to learn how to deal with their conservative families accepting them. They were suitmates first, and now been married two years now.

Lesbian couple leaning down and talking to their dog

I've been following this couple for a while now, and I felt like it was time to share their story. They are the first LGBT couple that I've featured on the blog since we started Fungirlwithacamera. This was also the first time I had ever featured a same-sex couple on my blog. I really wanted to share their story because they have been such an inspiration to me.

So when they responded to a post about a photography session, I was thrilled!

We didn't have a lot of time to plan this shoot because of how busy they both were with work and school (they're both currently in grad school). But we managed to find some time during the week. It felt like we had so much fun during our shoot, which made editing these photos even more enjoyable!

LGBT Couple sitting close eyes closed in an intimate moment

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