You’re about to take the biggest step of your life. You’ve booked the venue, bought your dress, and planned out every aspect of the ceremony, but have you considered how your photos will capture that special moment? Yes, it’s important for each couple to make sure their photographer is professional and talented. But what really makes a wedding photography session stand out from other couples' sessions is when you can tell from an image that each person has been connected with their partner in a very real way—and they're absolutely loving it.

A relaxed pose with your heads leaning against each other.

What you'll do: This pose is more relaxed than the traditional pose where your heads are turned to the side and touching. In this version, you’ll sit back on a bench or chair, put your feet flat on the floor, lift up your partners legs and rest them on your lap. Your partner should then wrap their arms around yours for support. You can also try leaning against each other for added comfort and relaxation.

The difference between this pose and a traditional one is that it looks more natural because of its relaxed feel; it’s easy on the eyes when compared to poses where people are standing up straight with their heads facing forward or even turned slightly away from each other (for example, an engagement photo might show two people staring into each other's eyes with no break in eye contact). The “relaxed” style is perfect for couples who want an easy going vibe during their shoot since they don't have anything holding them back except love itself!

A photo of you both looking at the camera and laughing.

It's the pose that's usually reserved for the photo booth or your favorite friend. It's not a bad idea to do this pose, but you have to be sure you're doing it right. The key is to focus on each other's eyes, not your own; if you look directly into the camera and at each other, you'll feel disconnected from one another and like an "it couple." However, if you look down slightly (but still manage eye contact) and focus on laughing or smiling together at the same time (or pretending like there's something funny going on), it'll come across much more genuine than trying too hard.

A traditional portrait pose with an added element of romance.

This pose is one of the most popular wedding poses, and for good reason: it's elegant and classic. A couple can be photographed a number of ways, but a traditional portrait pose with an added element of romance is one of the most popular.

A very simple way to add some romance to your photos is by pointing toward each other during this pose. You might not feel like pointing at your partner right now, but trust me—when you're making wedding photos later in life as an "it couple," pointing will come naturally!

A series of photos that shows the emotion of laughter.

  • A series of photos that shows the emotion of laughter.
  • A series of photos that shows the emotion of joy.
  • A series of photos that shows the emotion of happiness.
  • A series of photos that shows the emotion of love.
  • A series of photos that shows the emotion of romance.

A loving embrace.

An embrace is a great way to show your partner how much you love them. It can be done in many different ways, but the most important thing is your body language and facial expression. You want to make sure that your partner feels comfortable and safe with you. You can do this pose by embracing each other with love, care and affection. You can also do this pose by embracing each other with passion, romance, affection and tenderness or warmth/tenderness!

A peaceful moment showing calmness and serenity in your relationship.

It's a peaceful moment showing calmness and serenity in your relationship. You need to be relaxed, not posing for pictures. It's about being together, not about looking good for other people. Sit or stand comfortably next to each other with your eyes closed and take deep breaths together. This pose shows the world that you are happy and in love!

An artistic take on a kissing photo.

There are tons of ways to create an artistic photo that’s all your own, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Use props. Why not? You can use anything from flowers to hats, and if you have props that mean something special to either of you, those will always be great choices for an artistic take on a kissing photo.
  • Use the environment around you. Sometimes it’s best just to get out there and let nature do its thing! Take advantage of where your photographer is taking place by finding interesting angles or perspectives—or even play with lighting in certain areas if that works well with your concept (more on this later).3) Play with angles! Try different poses and see what happens—sometimes getting down low or getting up high can make all the difference in how your photos turn out, so keep trying until it feels right! 4) Experiment with filters/filters apps/filters apps AND exposure settings/etc., depending on how much control over the final product you want

Holding each other’s hands and gazing into each other’s eyes.

A super-cute pose that you can use if you're not into the whole 'posing' thing is holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. This is a very romantic pose and it shows how much you love and trust each other. You don't have to be looking directly at the camera either, but it does make for some great photos!

Put your arms around each other and enjoy being close to one another.

The most important thing is to put your arms around each other and enjoy being close to one another. If you’re feeling shy, it can help to look down at the ground or into the distance when taking the photo, but it’s best if you keep looking at each other while you take photos. Smile!

Then, you can either lean in for a kiss, or just look into each other’s eyes with happiness and love.

Finally, you can choose to kiss or just look into each other’s eyes. If you have a large group of people (like an entire wedding party), do this pose with your entire bridal party! You can also do it with your parents, children, or siblings. It’s the perfect way to capture some sweet moments before heading into the reception hall!

The best wedding photography captures a couple's bond in natural, inspiring poses.

You’ll want your photos to capture your love in a natural, beautiful way. That means you need to feel comfortable with your photographer and have a good rapport with them. The best wedding photography captures the bond between two people and brings out their best qualities as a couple—not just one person’s individual beauty. A good photographer will make you feel relaxed and at ease during the shoot, so that you can be yourself without worrying about how your body looks in certain poses or whether or not someone else is going to blink at the wrong moment while they take their picture together!

We hope these tips have inspired you to think outside the box and get creative with your wedding poses. Don’t let your fears of being awkward or uncomfortable hold you back from doing something special. Remember that there are no rules when it comes to posing, so don’t let someone else tell you how it should look!

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