There are many things you can do to make sure that your wedding day goes smoothly. You can hire an amazing planner, book a venue with an amazing coordinator, and hire the perfect vendors to make your dream come true. But one thing that many couples forget about is hiring a great micro wedding photographer. There are so many important factors when it comes to choosing your first micro wedding photographer, but don’t worry—we will cover them all!

Choosing the right micro wedding photographer is crucial to having a wonderful experience on one of the biggest days of your life!

Choosing the right micro wedding photographer is crucial to having a wonderful experience on one of the biggest days of your life!

While it can be difficult to find a micro wedding photographer who understands what you want, there are some important things to look for when narrowing down your search. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Look for a professional with experience photographing micro weddings. This is one area where it's extremely important to choose someone with experience—you don't want to trust this momentous occasion to someone who doesn't know how to handle themselves at an intimate gathering.
  • Make sure they use quality equipment that will capture all of those special moments from every angle, including moments before and after the ceremony. They should also provide you with high resolution images so that even years later, you'll still be able to relive each moment perfectly!

Availability for an engagement shoot, and the benefits it would bring to your wedding day photography

There's a reason engagement shoots are so important. They allow you and your photographer to get used to each other, which will make your wedding day photography experience much more relaxed and comfortable. This is especially important if you're shy in front of the camera.

You'll also be able to work out any communication issues with them, so that come wedding day, everything goes smoothly and is exactly as you'd like it to be. If there's anything about the shoot that didn't go according to plan, or if there's something specific you want them to focus on when taking pictures on your wedding day, now is the time for discussing these things!

Quality of work

When looking at photographers, look for a consistent style. Think about what you like in terms of aesthetics and find someone who can capture that vision. A good photographer will be able to show you examples of their work and explain what kind of experience they are providing. They should also be able to tell you how long they’ve been doing photography and how many weddings they have photographed.

A great photographer will also be able to answer questions about their photographic style, such as whether or not they prefer candid shots or posed ones, if they shoot video clips during the ceremony, etc., so make sure your potential photographer is comfortable with giving out information before agreeing on terms!

Professionalism and respect for you and your guests.

A professional photographer will always be on time, prepared, and have a backup plan in case of rain or last-minute cancellations. They will also have a good attitude when dealing with clients or guests who are being difficult to work with (which is rare). Finally, they'll be polite and accommodating to anyone who asks them questions about their craft.

Style of photography

When choosing your wedding photographer, it is crucial to find one whose style best reflects your own. Your style will be influenced by the photographer's personality and experiences, as well as their technical skills and equipment. You can also expect that they will be able to connect with the couple and their guests, which is essential for a successful shoot. When looking at portfolios online or viewing samples in person, pay close attention to how each image was taken: how did the photographer interact with their subjects? Did they capture candid moments or pose models? Did they use natural light or studio flash? Was there any post-production editing involved?


Personality is a big factor in choosing your photographer. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the person who will be photographing your wedding day. Does the photographer have a sense of humor? Is he or she friendly and easygoing? Are they calm and collected, or do they get flustered easily? It's also important to consider whether or not they are good at interacting with people (especially when it comes to strangers).

You may not think of personality as being important in something as technical as photography, but we promise that it makes all the difference when it comes time for photos! If your photographer doesn't have a great personality, then there's no way those pictures will turn out well either.

Experience in micro weddings

Micro weddings are different from traditional weddings in many ways, including the number of people involved and how much time there is for planning. For instance, if you are not exactly sure what you want for your micro wedding, you may need someone who can help guide the process or someone who will provide ideas on what to do. Micro wedding photographers will have a unique style that reflects their personality and interests—so be sure to find one whose personality matches yours! Look at their portfolio carefully so that you can see if they have experience photographing micro weddings before deciding on choosing them as your photographer. Also consider whether this person has experience working with food photography: most micro weddings include some sort of food element (for example, cake).

Connection with your venue

You should know the venue well and be able to provide examples of weddings at that venue. If you are considering a new venue for your wedding, ask about their previous experience with photographers. A good photographer will be able to provide unique and creative ideas for your venue. Ideally, they should have experience working with other venues similar to yours and be able to give insight into the best ways to work within its limitations (for example, if there is very little light).

Connections with vendors and ease of communication

  • The photographer should have a good connection with the vendors. If the photographer you’re considering doesn’t know the florist, or hasn’t worked with your venue before, there could be problems down the line.
  • The photographer should be able to communicate with you in a timely manner. It's important that your wedding day goes off without a hitch—and in order for that to happen, you need to feel confident that everything is being taken care of. This can only happen if your photographer is responsive and communicative throughout the planning process (which we'll talk about next).

The back-end process; contract, online gallery, prints, albums, etc.

You might be interested to know that once a photographer agrees to do your wedding, they will have a contract waiting for you. The contract should include details such as:

  • The total amount of time your photographer will spend with you on the day of the event.
  • How many retouched images you’ll receive afterwards. Most photographers offer 20-50 edited photos as part of their services.
  • How many photos are being provided by default and how much more you can order?

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to expect when hiring a micro wedding photographer and can make an informed decision on whom to hire. We know how important it is to have the right person at your side as they take care of everything from start-to-finish. We wish you luck in finding the perfect person for your special day!

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