Hide your eyes no more with these tips!

So you have a lazy eye and you're getting photos done, now you may be a little self conscious you may not be. However these are some tips for you!

Tip 1: Lean towards the eye

So let’s say your right eye is lazy right? What we are going to do (Assuming you are alone in this shot) is we are going to move you so your body is shifted slightly right. You are then going to stare to that right side. Ask your photographer to give you a quick count down and as they come to an end you look directly at the camera. This would be a forced eye movement and should allow you to almost hide the lazy eye a bit.

Tip 2: The Look Down and Up

So you stand forward to the photographer and look down but make sure you are tipping your head out slightly like just a bit. Again ask your photographer to give you a count and on 3 your not moving your head look straight up at the camera. With a quick motion the photographer should be able to capture you looking straight on helping prevent your eye from wandering and capturing you in your truest moment.

Tip 3: Slide and Hide

If you have a more prominent lazy eye, one trick I tell my clients to try and assist them is to pose with the lazy eye to the back. Now it sounds a little funky so let me explain, you are going to pose yourself with the lazy side almost back your body would be at almost a 45 degree angle. This will almost “force the eye” to the side and hide the lazy eye effect.

Tip 4: Be yourself

I know that we all have our things that make us feel insecure and uneasy. Take some time before you are going to your event or somewhere where you may be photographed and practice these tips in the mirror. Video yourself and watch it back to see what poses work for you. Overall though the most important tip is to have fun.